Get Involved! Join the Indigenous Literacy Project

This year our school has the opportunity to participate in the Indigenous Literacy Project which is a partnership between the Australian Book Industry and The Fred Hollows Foundation. The Project aims to help address the current literacy crisis in remote Indigenous communities.
Illiteracy in many of these communities is a common and critical barrier to the full, healthy and happy life many of us take for granted. Low literacy is consistently linked to poor health, and to poor social and economic outcomes. Try and imagine what your life would look like if you couldn’t read. Think of the multitude of ways it would impact on your capacity for success in every facet of your life.
Upwards of 70% of Indigenous children in remote communities suffer from chronic Otitis Media, a serious middle ear disease that can cause permanent hearing loss and inhibit language and literacy development. (DET, WA 2006)
The Fred Hollows Foundation is working with remote Indigenous communities in women’s centres, crèches, schools, safe houses, and in art centres. In 2009 The Foundation is working to provide books to remote communities in the Northern Territory, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and Western NSW.
To support this Project and to remind ourselves of the life-long benefits derived from reading and being part of a reading community, we would like whole families to get involved. You can register yourself or your family at the library. It costs an individual $5 to register or $20 for a family. Once you have registered all you need to do is read, there is no restriction on the type of reading you can do. You can read books, newspapers, hard copy or online, blogs, nings, ebooks, websites, emails, text messages etc. you get the idea. We hope to conclude the project with a book swap in September, but for now, talk to your family about registering, and see me or the library staff if you need help to get started or to find out more about this project and the communities it benefits.

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