Book Safari – Book Week 24 – 28 August

Take an exciting  journey during Book Safari Week in the Library.

Monday, 24 August

  • Book Lotto – borrow a book and get a lotto ticket for it. The more you borrow, the more chances you have of winning!
  • Banned Books competion – see the display and guess a banned book against teacher’s names. Find out how at the Library.
  • Movie ‘Madagascar’ – showing at lunchtime.

Tuesday, 25 August

  • Writers’ Club Short Story/Poetry Competion – creative writings will be displayed and winners are announced at lunchtime.

Wednesday, 26 August

  • Great Debate “Harry Potter vs Twilight” – Mary Herring Hall during Tute and Lunchtime.

Thursday, 27 August

  • Lunchtime Quiz – smarter, quicker, brainier – battle between Baby Boomers, Gens X, Y and Z. Treats for all!

Friday, 28 August

  • Book Lotto and Banned Books competion winners will be announced!



  • Movie ‘Madagascar’ – showing at lunchtime.
  • See you in the Library!

    Stay tuned for Readers’ Cup Week 31 August  – 4 September 2009.



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