YouTube goes to the movies

YouTube has something new to check out – movies that have been uploaded for viewing through their site. And not only movies, documentararies also feature along with Television shows. Take a look at the following screenshots to get an idea of some of the content that is available; This screenshot shows televison progams available from … Continue reading

Do you use Wikipedia? Maybe you should watch this.

If you use Wikipedia a lot, maybe you should have a look at this to get some useful tips and ideas on how to evaluate Wikipedia articles. Wikipedia is one giant Wiki – this means that anybody can start a topic and edit the information on the page. Although there is some excellent information available … Continue reading

Kickyoutube – Easy download solution for YouTube

YouTube does contain some questionable content, but it also contains some excellent video resources that can be very useful for classroom use and for use in projects. Waiting for a video to load when our connections are slow can take an age and makes its use ineffective. Solution.  Download the video from YouTube using a conversion tool. … Continue reading